【2023.02.03】Nucleic DHX9 cooperates with STAT1 to transcribe interferon-stimulated genes

Publisher:陶万银Release time:2023-02-07Browse times:49


RNA helicase DHX9 has been extensively characterized as a transcriptional regulator, which is consistent with its mostly nucleic localization. It is also involved in recognizing RNA viruses in the cytoplasm. However, there is no in vivo data to support the antiviral role of DHX9; meanwhile, as a nuclear protein, if and how nucleic DHX9 promotes antiviral immunity remains largely unknown. Here, we generated myeloid-specific and hepatocyte-specific DHX9 knockout mice and confirmed that DHX9 is crucial for host resistance to RNA virus infections in vivo. By additional knockout MAVS or STAT1 in DHX9-deficient mice, we demonstrated that nucleic DHX9 plays a positive role in regulating interferon-stimulated gene (ISG) expression downstream of type I interferon. Mechanistically, upon interferon stimulation, DHX9 is directly bound to STAT1 and recruits Pol II to the ISG promoter region to participate in STAT1-mediated transcription of ISGs. Collectively, these findings uncover an important role for nucleic DHX9 in antiviral immunity.