We held lab retreat and had an animated discussion at the meeting.After the meeting, we awarded the Best Scientific Discovery Award, the Best Experimental Record Award and the Best Public Service Award.

Best Scientific Discovery Award: Guo Meng; Hu Ji; Wang Decai; Zhang Weiqiao; Hu Taidou; Zhou Tingyue

Best Experimental Record Award: Zhang Guorong; Guo Meng; Zhang Weiqiao

Best Public Service Award: Wang Jingyuan; Zhang Guorong; Hu Taidou


Lei Dai, a Principal Investigator at the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, is visiting us and gave a talk with the title of "Understanding the heterogeneity of host-associated microbial communities".


Congratulations to Zhang Weiqiao and Zhang Guorong for their successful doctoral graduation!!!


We held the farewell party for Jingjing


We held the farewell party for Dan Huang


We held the farewell party for Jinghao