Yinglei WangBS

Graduate student 2018
Cease to struggle and you cease to live

Education experience: July, 2018: Graduated from University of Science and Technology of China, Bachelor's Degree. From September, 2018 to now: studying in Lab of Mucosal Immunology and Precision Medicine, USTC

Interest: 1. the crosstalk of gut and brain; 2. Microbiota and health

Anmin Wang, BS

Graduate student 2018
Try your best!

Anmin Wang received Bachelor degree at Fudan University and joined ZhuLab in 2018. His main research interests are the interaction between intestinal virus and host immune system.  

Runzhi Li,BS

Graduate student 2018
Energy and persistence conquer all things

Runzhi Li. She graduated from Nanchang University with a bachelor's degree in 2018, Join zhu lab for master's and doctoral studies. Her research focused on innate immune response by means of fluorescence imaging.

Ji Hu, BS

Graduate student 2018
Be thankful for what you have

Huji, graduated from Anhui Medical University with a bachelor's degree. Joined Zhu Lab in 2018, major research direction is dietary derived metabolites in intestine immunity and neuron immune diseases. Love sports.

Tingting Wan, BS

Graduate candidate 2019
Keep learning, never spiritless!

Interested in innate immunity and entero bacterium, also a good lover of food and enjoy everyday life ( ̳•  • ̳).

Meng Guo, BS

Graduate candidate 2019
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Guo Meng, graduated from Zhengzhou University in 2019, is currently studying at the master's level in ustc.she is mainly focus on gut microbiota and immunity. In her free time, she likes to grow flowers and watching movies.

Anlei Wang, BS

Graduate candidate 2019
Nothing is impossible for a willing heart

I’m Wang Anlei, a graduate from college of Life Sciences, USTC.  I'm intested in microbiology and molecular biology, and I believe I can learn various useful theories and technologies. I determined to be an outstanding research worker. Outside of work, I like to play puzzles and watch anime.

Qiang Xu, BS

Graduate candidate 2019

Every road leads to Roma.

I am Xu Qiang, a master of grade 19 from University of Science and Technology of China. I like sports, such as basketball, and I am approachable.


Zili Han,BS

Graduate candidate 2020

Stay curious, stay passionate, and keep exploring

 Graduate from Hefei University of Technology in 2020.Love life, love nature, and have interest in intestinal immunity.


Jingyuan Wang, BS

Graduate student 2020

No pains, no gains.

Jingyuan Wang, obtained the bachelor’s degree from Wuhan University and joined Zhu lab in 2020. Now she is mainly focusing on the relationship between gut microbiota and host immune system.


Tingyue Zhou

Graduate candidate 2021

I can do all things

Tingyue Zhou is an undergraduate student from Sichuan University. He joined Zhu lab in 2021. His current project is analyzing the correlation between diseases and gut phage ecology using omics data. Outside the lab, he enjoys cycling and fishing.

Haoyuan Tan

Graduate candidate 2021

Haoyuan Tan, got bachelor’s degree in biotechnology from Southwest University in 2021. Joined Zhu Lab in 2021 to pursue higher degree. Mainly focus on intestinal phages and immunity. By the way, I really enjoy movies and music in my free time.


Yifei Yang, MS

Graduate Student 2021

Think twice before acting

Yifei Yang, from Computer Science Department of USTC. Focus on biological information.

Yiping Dou

Graduate candidate 2021

Forever love life, holding the attitude.

 Yiping Dou. A senior in University of science and technology of China.Now studying in lab of mucosal immunology and precision medicine, USTC.

Xuequn Chen, BS

Graduate candidate 2022

Xuequn Chen, acquired the bachelor’s degree from Southwest University, and joined Zhu Lab in 2022. His main interests are the regulated mechanism of inflammasome in intestinal.

Yang Zan, BS

Graduate candidate 2022

Stop chasing the light and let yourself shine.

Yang Zan,  graduated from Xiamen University with a bachelor's degree. Joined Zhu Lab in 2022, mainly focus on intestinal innate immune response. Love travel and photography.

Kaiwen Sui, BS

Graduate Student 2023

Innate Immunity

If equal affection cannot be,

Let the more loving one be me.

Kaiwen Sui, joined Zhu Lab in 2020, currently my research is focused on the activation of 

 intestinal innate immune response. Education & Training: 2019-2023, BS in USTC. Research Interests: Innate immunity, Microbiota-host interation.

Yuping Wang,BS

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.    

Yuping Wang, graduated from Anhui University with a bachelor's degree. 

Joined Zhu Lab in 2023, mainly focus on the interaction between gut microbes and immune system. Love music and good at playing guzheng.

Hanqing Zhao, Bachelor

Master Fellow 2023

Cell biology

If you want to use it, then you have to take it.

Hanqing Zhao, 2023 joined ZhuLab, currently my study is focused on gut microorganisms and their interaction with host nervous system. Education: 2019-2023, Bachelor in University of Science and Technology of China. Study interests: Microbiology, Neurobiology, Intestinal Microbial.