Flavellians reunion in the 2023 Cell Research Symposium

Publisher:陶万银Release time:2023-11-05Browse times:178

2023 Cell Research Symposium was recently held in Tiantai, Zhejiang Province, focusing on the topic of Immunity and Inflammation: Mechanism and Therapeutics. Four Flavellians Dr. Chen Dong, Dr. Hongbo Chi, Dr. Ming Li, and Dr. Shu Zhu shared their research progresses on the topics of inflammation and tumor immunology.


Professor Zhu Shu gave a presentation entitled The Intestinal Immune Responses towards Microbes and Food. He shared the latest progresses of the lab in the innate immune recognition of pathogenic microorganisms, symbiotic microorganisms, and food antigens in the intestine, which advance our understanding on how intestinal immune recognizes the environmental cues, and establish the immunity or tolerance accordingly.

The Flavellians also visited Guoqing temple and Baohua temple in Tiantai, learning buddhist spirituality from a scientist’s point of view.